Most artists are not getting all their royalties.
We want to make sure you get yours.

As an artist you have the right to get neighbouring rights royalties whenever your music is performed. These royalties are collected by societies across Europe and are paid out to the artists who are registered in their database. Unfortunately this does not happen automatically, or include all artists. Registering and collecting these royalties is time consuming work which requires knowledge of the individual markets and local regulations.

We at NRG Agency want to make sure you are getting all the royalties you have worked hard to earn.



In order to get your fair share of the royalties collected you need representation in each individual territory. The NRG Agency team have laid down the groundwork to make this process as simple and straight-forward as possible for you. 


When you think your recording has been broadcasted somewhere in Europe, but receive no royalties, the most probable reason for it, is that this information has not reached the society. We at NRG agency will make appropriate claims with the societies on your behalf.


Unfortunately the chain from usage to payout is full of cracks and holes your royalties can disappear into. Unless you are registered 100% correctly and make claims that are acceptable to the local Neighbouring Rights collectors, they will stay lost for the foreseeable future. We know the ins and outs of the claiming process and will do what it takes to bring you your rightful royalties.


Cooperation with NRG Agency does not run against any usual record, publishing and production music agreements.

Having us collect your artist rights as an agent does not conflict with the standard publishing, record or library deals. These are ideal rights which your other partners are not able to collect without a specific agreement about it, neither your publisher, record label or library will take a share of this income.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the neighbouring rights?

Neighbouring rights are rights related to the copyright. They cover rights of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organisations. In the scope of NRG Agency we are focusing on the protection of performers. This covers artists, musicians and singers. 

What is the difference between Neighbouring rights and P.R.O.? 
(for example PRS, GEMA, ASCAP, BMI…)

The PROs are there to protect and collect for Authors, writers, composers, arrangers and publishers for the copyright of the music. While Neighbouring only concerns actual master rights/Recordings.

Who collects royalties for neighbouring rights?

There are national CMOs (Collective management organisations) which collects the rights within one country. In some countries Performers and Producers are divided into two different organisations.

Why does not my local neighbouring rights CMO collect everything for me?

They could collect for you based on bilateral agreements with other CMOs. You then have to give them such rights. In practice the information flow for the Neighbouring Rights organisations are limited, and the sharing of this information inefficient.

What is the US Neighbouring rights organisation?

At the moment there is no protection similar to the European model for the US market. Other countries outside Europe such as Australia, Brazil and Canada has through their ratification of the Rome Convention